According to transliteration means “the spelling of a word in one language with the alphabet of another language.” Obviously, if everyone used Ekalipi there would be no need for a transliteration capability. However there are situations in which the transliteration capability will be useful:

In these situations, the ability to use a transliteration tool is very valuable.
Important : Transliteration is not translation. There is no attempt to to interpret the meaning of the text n a different language. Transliteration is based on pronunciation (incidentally so is Ekalipi).

Road Map

You have some options:

Depending on the approach you take you will have to follow different courses of action.

Current State

Google has now folded the transliteration capability into the Google Translation Toolkit. Please take a look at the Google Transliteration tool :
Quillpad offers a standalone capability along similar lines

Future State

The future state will depend on the approach you choose and how you decide to implement it. Once you have chosen the approach, please let us know and we can investigate the possible ways to make you solution available.