You can Install Windows Keyboard from Download section.

Current State

In future releases, you should be able to click on any key on the EkaLipi keyboard to hear the pronunciation (Text to Speech), and also an icon to translate the text to the desired language (text translation). You will also be to speak and have it written out in EkaLipi.

Road Map

Please download the keyboard and test it yourself! You will enjoy the walkthrough. Please think of ways to improve the keyboard. We eagerly look forward to having your feedback and suggestions. Screenshot of the MSKLC based keyboard

Note : Holding down the right Alt key (AltGr) allows the user to type the characters on a US standard keyboard.
The user can also toggle the Ekalipi keyboard from the task bar.

Future State

If you can make a better keyboard, please do so by all means. Your can try beta test of your keyboard. When testing is complete, please send us the executable along with instructions for installing and for using the keyboard. If your changes or enhancements are minor and if you do not want to do this yourself, please send us the details in email and we will pass on your suggestions to our developers.