The Windows Onscreen keyboard should be a keyboard that users can download from the (or web site. The keyboard should allow the user to see the Ekalipi characters and use them on both the physical and onscreen keyboard. We expect that the user will use this keyboard in their daily work e.g. writing emails, using Microsoft office tools, Notepad etc. The user should also be able to toggle quickly and efficiently between the Ekalipi keyboard and the user’s native (default) keyboard.

Current State


Road Map

Use the PC keyboard as the inspiration for the Windows phone keyboard. If MSKLC is supported on the Windows Phone the task will be much easier. Please contact us if you are interested in developing this keyboard.

Note : Holding down the right Alt key (AltGr) allows the user to type the characters on a US standard keyboard.
The user can also toggle the Ekalipi keyboard from the task bar.

Future State